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Delivering to you the most comprehensive set of solutions for all your home networking needs. From planning, cabling, installing to hosting, and support. We are ready to tackle your networking challenges.


Ensure uninterrupted access for work and play. Connect with the world seamlessly and speedily with our business-grade wireless solutions.

Home Cameras

Protect your home and family by deterring any unwanted activities. Capture everything that happens 24/7 with our home security camera solutions.

Cabling and networking

Deploy the backbone of your home for years to come. Start preparing and planning with our cabling and networking solutions for the future.

It's time for change

With Inquisico, you can now enjoy business-grade Wi-Fi connectivity in your own home.

No More Spotty Wi-Fi

A mesh Wi-Fi network might work for some homes, but when it comes to planning for your own, let us consider all the options for you.

A Single Wi-Fi Name for Your Home

Does your home Wi-Fi look like this - WiFi@Living, WiFi@Living-5G, WiFi@Bedroom, WiFi@Bedroom-5G? Let us enhance your experience with a unified name.

Seamless Roaming

Beyond having a unified name, we ensure seamless roaming between rooms. With all the right the hardware and software configuration, all you need to do is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the convenience.


We personalise the solution to fit your needs and space no matter where you live.


Public Housing


Private Housing

Terrace, Semi-Detach, bungalow

Landed Properties

What our Customers say

Where good isn’t enough, we aim to provide you with the best experience we can.

Impeccable service from Inquisico! Provided a comprehensive review of the options available for my home to ensure that there are no blind spots anywhere in my apartment.

Knowledgeable staff and comprehensive consultation provided. Great investment for setting up a stable, safe, and fast network at home especially with new WFH arrangements.

Thank you for being so patient, sat me through and gave me the pros and cons of the networking equipment in the market. Highly recommended 👍🏻

Very meticulous work from Inquisico! Got my wifi up and running with business-grade hardware. Also taught us how to change the password and other settings. Thank you!