Business Connectivity

We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your business.

Solutions we deliver

Delivering to you a comprehensive set of solutions for your business. From planning, deployment to hosting, and support. We are in it with you.

Network Planning and Deployment

Get right up to speed with the right hardware and software

Network Security

Protect your data with the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Wi-Fi Planning and Deployment

Secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for all your business needs

Network Optimisation and Modernisation

Relieve the stress, let your network meet the demands of your business today

Cloud Solutions

Do away with fixed-cost and hefty maintenance bills with the cloud

Infrastructure and Consultancy​

Do it once and do it right, plan for the future of your business now

Sites and Spaces

We deliver our solutions based on your space and needs.

Office spaces


Warehouse spaces


Malls, Shops, Function Spaces


Common Spaces, Parks


Network Security

Protect your data from adversaries by setting up the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) that protects you from advanced threats. By employing intelligent signature detection algorithms and deep inspection, you can gain deeper visibility and control of your network.

We provide web and content filtering, network-based anti-virus, network partitioning, and intrusion prevention system (IPS) on your preferred appliance.

Wi-Fi Planning and Deployment

Having secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is crucial for every business. Enjoy seamless roaming between access points for convenience. Safeguard your network by applying strong policies such as WPA2/3 Enterprise that authenticates on an individual user basis and segmenting a network for your guests.

We offer planning and deployment services to meet your needs regardless of the size and density. We service businesses, industrial and commercial spaces.

Cloud Solutions

We offer a host of Email, Teleconferencing, Active Directory, and Productivity solutions based on popular services from Microsoft and Google to support your company’s operations.

Infrastructure and Consultancy​

Starting a new business or trying to boost productivity? Our infrastructure solution covers you end-to-end from infrastructure planning, structured cabling, equipment procurement to the actual deployment and support.

No question or issue is too small for us. We offer consultations on network deployment, internet connectivity and security, ad-hoc subscription services, bottleneck resolution, purchasing advice, and other services for any business size.